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    Randomly set visibility of Movie Clip

      I am trying to randomly set the visibility of a Movie Clip, and am missing something. I believe the problem lies in Frame 3, I am just not sure what it is. The file is three frames long; see code below. Any help is appreciated.

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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          ok first it is not necessary to put the code on three frames. but let's go through your three frames:
          ////////frame 1
          light01Result = 0 -----its not necessary to initialise this particular variable so let's get rid of that line
          stop() ------ you probably don't want to stop here or we'll never get to frame 2 or three where the crux of your code is!

          ///////frame 2
          light01Result = 1+Random(1) -----Random does not exist(be careful of upper/lower case problems) - there is a random() method which is deprecated since flash 5, but we'd be better off using the Math.random() method. this returns a decimal number between 0 and 1, so we round it to either 0 or 1 and add 1 to reach either 1 or 2. (see line in attached code)

          ////////frame 3
          if (light01Result == 1) {
          light01._visibility = false;
          if (light01Result == 2) {
          light01._visibility = false;

          -------this section of code isn't too bad - just two main problems. First, there's no such thing as _visibility. there is, however, a movieClip/Button property called _visible. use this instead. Secondly, regardless of the result of your random variable, you're setting the visibility to false. surely you want to set one of them to true! And thirdly a minor issue is that you may as well put the word else before your second if statement as the two are mutually exclusive.

          PS great site by the way!
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            NSurveyor Level 2
            A little bit more condensed:

            light01._visible = Boolean(Math.round(Math.random()));
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              adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
              Thanks Craig and NSurveyor for your fast responses; it's all working beautifully now.

              Also, thanks for the kind words on the site.

              Take care,