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    Help with info on Books (needed) for AE A.C.E Exam?


      Howdy All,



      First time poster on this forum. (Be gentle )


      I'm hoping you guys could help me with this probelm I'm having. I've used AE for many years now, but only recently decided to get certified in the program (For a few reasons) - I've read the "CLASSROOM IN A BOOK - CS5" book which is written by the Adobe Creative Team. I thought that was the only book you needed to study in order to sit the exam, but appears not, as some of the question they ask in the ACE Programe are WAY dfiferant to what they are teaching (For example talking about the RED Camera) - As I've said, I know AE pretty well, but that doesn't cut it in exams, I want to know what the book says exactly and take it from there.


      What books do I need to have under my belt before sitting the ACE?


      Only one I know thus far is the "CLASSROOM IN A BOOK" one.


      Thanks for any advice in advance!



      - Colm.