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    CS5 Brush problem with Wacom Intuos 3 tablet


      My Intuos 3 tablet and pen do not perform correctly using CS5. The same machine, using the same tablet and pen and the same brush, with CS3  and Corel Painter function correctly so I am assuming it's CS5 that's the problem. The brush seems to set an anchor point where the pen first contacts the tablet, then no matter where you draw with the brush nothing happens until the pen is lifted, then a straight line is drawn from the anchor point to the point where the pen lifted. Problem is with CS5 x32 and x64 both. Happens every brush stroke. Mouse works fine. Reset the preference file. Upgraded drivers for the tablet. The machine is an HP, quad core processor, 8 GB ram, with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics card. The machine came loaded with Vista 64 and I upgraded to Windows 7 at the time I installed CS5.