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    oscar for editing


      The Oscar for film editing went to the team behind The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It’s the same team that won last year for The Social Network. Both films were directed by David Fincher.


      WINNER :

      The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

      Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall




      The Artist

      Anne-Sophie Bion and Michel Hazanavicius


      The Descendants

      Kevin Tent



      Thelma Schoonmaker



      Christopher Tellefsen


      ======== Billy Crystal most funny joke for me....what was your favorite ??

      " welcome to the 84th annual academy awards at the chapter 11 theatre "

      and then a bit later on...

      " welcome back to the academy awards, at the ( fill in your name here ) theatre "

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          Jim_Simon Legend

          And the whole movie was done using only the CS5 suite of tools, too.

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            the_wine_snob Legend

            I thought that this was one of the best Academy Awards show in years, and thought that Crystal did a grand job - poked just enough fun at the Academy, and society, in general, and seemed to keep things rolling right along.


            Too bad that Baster and Wall did not "thank Adobe... "



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              yeah, I liked the show with Crystal too.. big difference.


              after the pres of the academy spoke, he said, " wow, thank you for whipping the audience into a frenzy of enthusiasm " or something like that... was pretty funny...  hehe...

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                Ann Bens Mythic

                Why do they have these live shows always in the middle of the night...

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                  Jim_Simon Legend

                  Well...they start at a reasonable hour.  But there's just sooooo many people to thank.

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                    Why do they have these live shows always in the middle of the night


                    what time does it start in your neck of the woods, Ann ?  I'm trying to visualize the planet spinning and what your time difference is..

                    haha.... maybe someday you can get an Agfa or Illford 'theatre' going over there to host the show ???


                    come to think of it, the " academy awards at the ( fill in your name here ) gives rise to the idea that a number of film companies can jump in ... fuji, agfa, illford... etc.... and THEN the broadcast could start at a more reasonable hour for you all !


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                      the_wine_snob Legend

                      For Ann, unless it is tape-delayed, about Noon?


                      For AZ, the timing was good, as I had seen most of the FoxNews line up, and wife really, really wanted to watch.


                      Noticed that Meryl Streep did not thank Margret Thatcher, but did heap kudos onto her makeup/hair person. Not saying that that stylish is not accomplished, professional and great, but then the "subject" should have gotten at least honorable mention - at least in my book.



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                        the_wine_snob Legend

                        A good friend, who travels in literary and academic circles, once typified "awards nights," as an incestuous rite of passing footnotes to each other."


                        Somehow, I see the same, or very similar, in such events.


                        At least the Academy Awards are but once per year. I think that The Country Music Awards are given every month, or at least it seems so. Same for the Hip-Hop Awards, which come on, in PHX, about every other week.


                        I am just glad that the show (Academy Awards) did not get as "political," as they often do, because that has been known to make my head explode, and blood shoot out my eyes. This year, things were pretty benign - at least for a "flaming conservative," like me.



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                          the_wine_snob Legend

                          When I was nominated, I had a full list of "the little people," but never got the chance - did not make the first cut. It was sort of like finishing 22nd in an Olympics event. At least I was ready, with about 3,000 folk to "thank." Maybe the Academy saw my list... ?



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                            the_wine_snob Legend

                            If Crystal is part of Fight Night, here in PHX, and is around for our Founder's Club night, prior to the actual event, I will give him kudos, and then thank him for supporting us. Last year, he did a "livingroom chat" instead of the usual David Foster "musical review." A bit of a change, but well-done. Crystal can be so very funny, at least in my book.