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    Gamma between mac and PC...PSD's?? Need help


      I work in the 3d industry and mostly create images for print and web. My problems arises I have been rendering from Maya into linear .exr format as well as some 8bit files (.iff) for masks quick fixes etc. Im working in 16bit and in Adobe (198) color profile withing PS for my comps. I need too collapse the layers down so I can provide the client with Car and background seperate in a photoshop file. The problem is when I open the file I created on a PC the background gradient appears much darker when viewed on a Mac.


      (I also tested doing it on a mac and the same problem occurs in reverse).


      The window transparencies appear much brighter. Howerever the car interior remains relatively the same between mac and pc. Because I have probably been working with files with different gammas applied to them is there some way Photoshop saves this within the layers? I have had to just settle to get it right on mac assuming they will open it on a mac and be able to save a jpeg that will look the same on both pc and mac. This however does not seem to be a good workaround and have never encountered this problem before. I have tried just about every merging method, and have had plently of experience doing this, however this has got me completely stumped. i am aware of the gamma difference between mac 1.8 and PC 2.2 however since it is only on in the semi tranparent areas and background I am very confused. If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance. Seb


      I am using CS4

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          Macintosh and Windows both use a default gamma of 2.2.  Your information about the platform gamma is several years out of date.


          The document color profile is embedded in the document, so the appearance should not change when it moves from machine to machine, or display to display.


          But because Photoshop compensates for the display - it does mean that the display profile needs to be relatively accurate.

          Most likely one of your display profiles is off (doesn't match the actual display settings).  Fix that, and the document should look the same on both machines..

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            Erm, color management? Without proper color management simply assigning a specific profile doesn't mean anything. And yes, it affects blending calculations. You are looking for a simple answer to a complex topic that simply doesn't exist and in fact the problems may already begin with trying to establish a linear workflow in an uncalibrated environment. So many things that can go wrong, but seriously, calibrate your systems and make PS use that on both platforms and within reasonably tiny tolerances the problem will go away.