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    Drag and Drop in Organizer


      I am new to Premiere and am trying to add media to an existing project. It appears that I should be able to do that from the Organizer. From what I have been reading I should be able to just drag and drop media within organizer to the premiere project. However when I drag any media over top of any project a circle with a cross through it comes up indicating that I can't. Is this not possible from within the Organizer?

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          Nash_John Level 3

          You are probably dropping the media at wrong place in PrE. You need to drag the media from Organizer into the Media(Project->Media) Panel of PrE first.

          Then you can use the media in PrE.


          Other way is right click your media in Organizer and select 'Edit with Premiere Elements', this will import the media in PrE and also add it to the last of the timeline.

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            lfsmith11111 Level 1

            Thanks for the response. That seems to work fine. I had assumed that you wouldn't need both programs open and drag between the two. Since the PrE project files show up in the organizer under Organize->Albums->Video Projects I though it logical that you would be able to drag content to those. Apparently I was wrong.