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    Importing merged clips from Premiere?


      Hi - had a search through the forums and couldn't find an answer to this...


      I generally use the 'Merge Clips' feature in Premiere Pro to make double-system sound manageable. But when I import my Premiere project into After Effects, none of the merged clips in the timeline are imported - there's just an empty space in my After Effects composition where they should be. I can go back and replace the merged clips with the original video and audio, but that seems to defeat the entire point... Any advice? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue with CS5.5?



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          MikeNaulls Level 1

          I am having the same problem. My entire sequence, except some b-roll cutaways, is built out of merged clips which do not import into AE 5.5. This really bugs me.


          It seems the best solution is simply to select all clips in your PP timeline, copy them, then paste into a new sequence in AE. Not a difficult workaround but one that we shouldn't be necessary.