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    Flex PMD view is always empty. Nothing happens when I run Flex PMD/Cut and Paste option

    chatrathi Level 1

      Hi, "Nothing happens when I run Flex PMD/?Flex cut and paste option ". Please help !! I am using ???Flex Builder 3 + Eclipse 3.3 version. From the adobe forum, I came to know that Flex PMD plugin is tested from the Flex Builder 3 + Eclispe 3.4 version. Does this mean that it wont work on earlier versions of Eclipse. I have installed Flex PMD from the following link which contains version 1.0.0.v200912991712  ??http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/flexpmd/plugin/trunk/flex-pmd-eclipse-plugin-si te ?? and configured the Flex Plugin(jar files) of version 1.1 & 1.2. Do I need to configure Jar files of version 1.0 as Flex PMD plugin version is 1.0? FYI, there are no white spaces either in my workspace name or project name. Also changed the Java command line to temp directory. But still Flex PMD view is empty. Thanks in Advance