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    Application updater stopped working in Air 3 (solved)


      I have an html/js app that uses applicationupdater_ui.swf to update to new versions. Everything works great in 1.0 & 2.0 versions of Air, but when I upgrade to 3.0+, the updater does not fire. Anyone else experiencing this?


      Here's the code in the app, but I don't suspect this is the problem since it has worked for a long time prior to v3.


      function Application() {


      Application.prototype = {

         initializeUpdater: function() {

                   var appUpdater = this.appUpdater = new runtime.air.update.ApplicationUpdaterUI();

                  appUpdater.updateURL = updateURL;

                  appUpdater.isCheckForUpdateVisible = true;

                  appUpdater.isDownloadUpdateVisible = true;

                  appUpdater.isDownloadProgressVisible = true;

                  appUpdater.isInstallUpdateVisible = true;

                  appUpdater.addEventListener( runtime.flash.events.ErrorEvent.ERROR, function(ev){ alert('there was an error ') } );



         checkForUpdates: function(){




      var application = new Application();







      I solved the problem. I had to delay the checkForUpdates() function for 2 seconds. Now it works.