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    Photo- drawing


      Best regards, I have two pictures: photo and portrait in pencil.

      I want my picture is similar to the portrait: white backgrounds, and black dial, focused and bright.

      I tried painting with low pressure and high opacity. Looks good, but there are other ways more professional?

      My level is not high.  THANKS¡¡




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          paraberto Level 1

          Any suggestions?

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            I'll admit, I don't fully understand your goals here.


            You're just trying to make the left image look like the right one?


            A Curves operation could lighten it, and if it's a greater sense of detail you're after, some sharpening might be helpful, but honestly if you want greater actual detail in the image you'll need to get a higher resolution version to start with.


            You can, as you have mentioned, hand draw tiny details to give the impression of sharper detail.  Is that what you're asking about?  How to brush/airbrush over an image?



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              Hey Thanks Noel, I am also looking for this kind of stuff and it is very helpful for me. I am just doing graphical work for my comapny website www.tegetchno.com. And your tip is surely very helpful for me.

              Thanks again.