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    How do I complete these sections of Adobe Runtimes / Reader Distribution License Agreement

      I want to apply for license to install shockwave and flash player on PC and MAC in our school network.  I would like a valid licence but don't know how how to answers  the following questions accurately within framework of web form.

        -  Got no idea what to put here.  I just want to download an installer for Flash player and Shockwave player that I can distribute across our school network.

      Which best describes your product or service?  *  Other ?   We use flash and shockwave to access educational  web pages relying on them.  In addition our IT classes develop flash player items using Adobe CS5.


        2 methods - can't put them both in?  Does that matter?     Will use replication of static disk image.  Ghost and maybe SCCM

      Grateful for advice.