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    Codec question/render


      Hey guys.


      I did some research and watched some vidz regarding codecs. I have 720 x 576 25 fps videos in MOD format from JVC camera that after effects understands and I rendered it as avi with  dv ntsci codec and settings mismatched. One without audio looked ok but the ones with audio are out of sync and not so smooth. What is the best codecs and render format for I wanna do and get a smooth playback.


      Please help if you guys can. So frustrated. Don't know how to get vidz smooth.



      Thankx for your time


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          For desktop review, use H.264 and WMV with reasonable datarates. If your auto is out of sync, check your footage interpretation, comp settings and output settings.



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            wernerdrums Level 1

            I used h.264 but it looks real slow after rendering it in after effects. Is there any specific bitrate setting. I'm rendering it at 25 fps like the source. With wmv it looked worse.

            It's a dv that I use. I want to upload my vidz to YouTube but its not playing smoothly at all.


            720 x 576

            25 bpm


            Thanx for the reply.