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    master collection 3.5 upgrade to 5.5


      Ok, i have finally recieved my upgrade to my master collection 3.5 to 5.5.  It was a digital download upgrade and I also find out that after effects 5.5 and ppro 5.5 are now 64 bit chipset only, ok.  So, i donwload 5.5 and all is well so far everything is working nicley.  I was told that because i have the 32 bit I can download cs4 ppro and after effects but i cannot find where to download them anywhere. I dont have a my downloads as i work for a state agency and we had to buy this upgrade from lowest bidder.  I was able to download the adobe download assistant and put in my serial number in order to download 5.5 but there is no link in there for anything but 5.5 items,  where do i get the cs4 programs i have registration keys for?


      Also, do I need to uninstall all the 3.5 programs or do i keep them as this is just an upgrade to 5.5 not stand alone new version?  Thanks.