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    Can't Use Merge Clips As Marker Dosen't Show


      I'm having trouble syncing a separately recorded audio file because it's clip marker don't show up in the timeline, and I can't use

      the Merge Clips feature.


      I have a video file with a scratch audio file recorded on a DSLR, and an audio file recorded on a separate audio recorder.


      I place my video in the source monitor, set a clip marker, drag to timeline, my marker is there on the slate beep.


      I take my separately recorded audio track in the source monitor, set a clip marker on the slate beep, drag to timeline

      and the clip marker disapears. I can't drag the markers together because there is only one.


      If I double click the audio track in the timeline, it appears back up in the source monitor, my marker is showing where I set it, but the marker

      never shows up back down on the time line.


      How do I set a marker on a separate audio track ? I gotta have some button clicked wrong ...



      Thanks in advance.


      Premier Pro 5.5, OS 10.6.8 on Mac Pro