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    Problem with content in tabs


      Im building an admin section for a client and she wants it to look a certian want and I decided to use tabs


      here is the code


      <div id="tabs">

          <img src="images/logoMedium.png" width="189" height="90" vspace="10">


              <li><a href="#clients"><span>CLIENTS</span></a></li>

              <li><a href="#appointment"><span>APPOINTMENTS</span></a></li>

              <li><a href="#logout"><span>LOGOUT</span></a></li>


          <div id="clients">

             <cfinclude template="client.cfm">


          <div id="appointment">

              <cfinclude template="appointment.cfm">



            <div id="logout">

             <cfinclude template="logout.cfm">




      the problem with this is all templaces load and execute whrn the page loads, which means the logout template fires and the user gets logged out.


      I know I can remove it and just have the logout outside the tab somewhere. But the problem is bigger than that.  I dont want the appointment data loading if

      the client tab is active,


      hope someone can help or point me in the right direction