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    Total Newbie - Please help!


      Hi! I am totally new to InDesign, and I'm trying to create a magazine front cover. I want my photo to cover the entire cover, but no matter how I resize or scale it - in InDesign, online with photo resizers, with Gimp - when I look at it at 100% magnification in Indesign, it looks fuzzy and pixelated. I saved it as a pdf, and it looks bad at 100%, too - but it looks ok at about 50% in both places. Will it look bad in print, too, or is that just on my screen? And how do I make a photo fit my page, without making it look all weird? Thanks soooo much!!!

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          Rik Ramsay Level 4

          What application are you using to create the graphic? The image resolution should ideally be 300dpi at the final print size for printing. Eg: A4 is 210x297mm@300dpi. Also need to include some bleed in there, at least 3mm either side.


          There could also be a couple of other reasons your screen is displaying this is as low quality. In InDesign, go to 'View > Display Performance' and select High Quality Display. This will slow your machine down but give you better visual results.


          Also, what settings are you exporting to PDF with?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            In line with what Rik has said, when you select your image, check the link information or the Info panel and look at the "Effective PPI" value. That's the one that counts -- the resolution at print size.

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              AngelaFougWebb Level 1

              Thank you so much - I really appreciate your help! I just checked, and it says it's 70x80 Effective PPI. How do I change it to a better resolution? Thanks again!!!!!

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                AngelaFougWebb Level 1

                Thank you soooo much for all your help!! You rock! I tried creating the image in several different applications. First, I just tried uploading it directly from my computer - it's just a photo I took - and scaling it in InDesign. Then I tried resizing it in a few different online free resizers, and they looked weird, too, so I downloaded Gimp and resized it there. Out of the 3 things I tried, that worked the best, but it's still fuzzy and pixelated-looking in InDesign. I am using A4 as my size, and I tried to make it about 220x300mm in Gimp, but I'm not sure how to check or change the resolution. Do I do that while I'm resizing it somehow, or is that something I can change in InDesign?


                I did try changing to High Quality Display, but it didn't change anything, unfortunately. And it looks about the same in InDesign as it does as a PDF, when they're at 100% magnification. 50% looks fine in both, though.


                I really really appreciate your help!!! Thank you again!!!

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                  Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                  By the way, your original effective resolution 70x80ppi indicates also that you have scaled your image unpropotionally after you have placed it, which may be of course intentional, but usually it´s accidental.... Horizontal and vertical ppi values suppose to be same... then your image has not been distorted...

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    What you've done in GIMP is called uspsampling. This is essentially making up new pixels by looking at other pixels and guessing what the new ones ought to look like. In general, this never yeilds an image that is better, not even as good as, the original capture. You should look for an aimage that has more pixels in the original capture.