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      I really miss a liquefy tool...

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

          Hi Eric,


          Thank you for mentioning this, please add a request for this in our Forum-Ideas section.




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            Ignacio, with the greatest of respect, let me suggest that if Adobe is as customer-oriented as it says, it wouldn't respond to feature requests on this forum with the need to repeat the request in a different forum. Adobe should have employees monitoring this forum; maybe you're the guy who's principally responsible for that. And those employees should be assembling a list of useful suggestions (some of which are made here directly as suggestions and others that are obvious from the concerns and issues raised here) that gets passed on to project managers, along with suggestions made in other forums. Telling people they need to post suggestions in a different forum seems excessively bureaucratic and evokes the all-too familiar experience of hearing, "It's not my job." A customer-oriented company should do better.

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              greule Adobe Employee

              Have you tried the PSTouch Warp functionality?   & -> Warp. 

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                Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

                Hi rcantor,

                Adobe has several employees monitoring this forum. We can add your requests to the Ideas section of this forum very easily. One advantage of having the customer do it is that he or she can follow the progress of their suggestion. For those of you who would like to show your support for Eric2502's request for Liquefy, click here and vote for it. The product team and product management pays close attention to the Ideas section of this forum.


                Thanks for your feedback,



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