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    Create a PS proficiency exam?

    Evil Lair Level 1

      Apologies if this isn't the right forum for this but I though it was the best place for it. I need to create an exam to gauge someone's level of proficiency in PS. I've looked online but haven't been able to really find much in the way of pre-packaged tests that I could build upon. It doesn't need to be anywhere at the level of a ACE exam but I need to know how far their knowledge really goes for my needs.


      I was thinking of something that would be 3 parts:


      Written, with the ability to reference the program;

      Practical, that would try to recreate something I created as closely as possible.


      I think I also need something to guage their proficiency in other areas of design such as fonts and creating graphics for video and web, but I could probably come up with questions for those myself.


      If anyone has any suggestions for web-based tests or pre-packaged tests that already exist I would greatly appreciate it.