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    Poll: what video card do you use? & fix choppy performance during editing.

    rfkiii in USA Level 1

      I've already discussed this partially in the following thread:




      The issue of choppy performance on the timeline and preview pane during editing still remains. I did learn from that previous discussion that I should match the specs of the video being edited to the closest Project Preset. That worked like a charm on some video I tested coming from my Canon 5D2. Timeline and preview video scrolls beautifully. However, I am editing some video that came from another source and the origin of the video is not 100% known. It occurs to me that I may not always know. Long story short: I have extrapolated that the video in question may have come from a Sony with 1440x1080 resolution and was converted to 1440x810 for the purpose of getting square pixels and posting online. This is conjecture only. Even though this video loads into the timeline with no red line appearing, it still hobbles along choppily.


      My current video card GeForce 8600 GT (Has been adequate for my main editing chore - RAW still images – and apparently works fine editing 1920x1080 video from my 5D2).


      Question #1: will a more powerful video card help power through the aforementioned choppiness or is this a problem that no amount of power will solve?

      Question #2: What video card do you use or wish to recommend regardless of whether you think it will fix my issue?


      My system: i7 1st gen, ASUS P6T Ver 2 board, 24 GB RAM, SSD for OS, 10k Barracuda for scratch, Win7 Pro 64-bit.