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    Cannot export to Quicktime in Premiere Pro CS5

    seiurus Level 1

      This problem has been addressed before, but the solution, to simplify the name of the file, is not working for me.

      I am not able to export to Quicktime.  The error is "Unable to create or open an output file."


      Here are my parameters:

      Premiere Pro CS5, recently updated.

      Windows 7, recently updated.

      PC HP Pavilion desktop

      Source footage is HDV in an mp4 codec via the CS5 timeline.

      I have disabled my anti-virus software (ESET).

      I have no other video-related programs running.

      Clips appear in the Export screen (for preview) perfectly.


      Exporting to any other codec or container, including H.264 (an Apple product) works fine.  To make things

      a little more interesting, the last time I tried to export to Quicktime (a year ago) I was using PPr CS4.  Export

      to Quicktime worked perfectly well.  Now it does not.  Now when I activate "start queue" in Media

      Encoder for CS4, the green check mark appears without the clips being encoded at all. Once again, CS4

      encodes to other codecs perfectly well.


      Sounds like in the intervening year I may have downloaded some interfering software, but like editors

      everywhere, I download a lot of these things.  Finding the culprit would take days (weeks!). Are there

      any prime suspects? 


      Alternatively, are there any other ways to export in high quality to let Mac users easily access PC

      generated footage?