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    XML to InDesign CS 5.5 — CRs and LFs

    Artlandish Level 1

      Wokring on a fairly uncomplicated XML-to-InDesign project.


      When the XML character for a CR (carriage return for a new paragraph) is in the XML file, InDesign imports it correctly.

      But when the XML character for a LF (line feed, a line break within a paragraph), it converts it to a CR/paragraph break.


      I'm stumped.

      Is InDesign capable of retaining the LF characters? Is there another character that InDesign uses instead?


      FYI, the characters we're using are:

      CR = & # x D ; (with spaces added here so that you can read it on this webpage)

      LF = & # x A ; (also with added spaces)


      Our XML file (SQLed out of a database) looks like this (with added spaces):

      <FACULTY>Faculty Members: & # x A ; Joe Smith & # x A ; Mary Cline & # x A ; John Jones & # x D ;</FACULTY>

      We need this as one paragraph with line breaks.