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    Drop down that fills a second field and sets the email recipient

    Joseph Rowan

      (note: this was incorrecty posted in the Acro forum and I was informed to move it here)


      Apologies for this simple, newbie question but I am stuck. I have worked on this for a few hours, and just cannot get it to work.


      The basics: I want to get a name from a drop down, have it display in another field then set the submit button to email to that recipient.


      Acrobat Pro X


      Win 7


      I have done this with one recipient before where the Submit button has all the info already entered, but this time I want to allow the user to choose from one recipient in a list and route the completed form to that person. I have tried all sorts of variations on Java examples in multiple forums and while everyone else seems to be able to do this, I have been unsuccessful. I cannot even get the text field to display the email based on the name in the drop down, much less the addressing part. I have tried a custom calculate script, case script and other items to no avail.


      The 3 elements........

      1) Drop down menu with names, let's just say there are two names - "John Doe (Eastern)" and "Jane Smith (Western)". The field is named "DistMgr".

      2) Text Field that displays the corresponding email for the name in DistMgr. Pretty much only used for display to confirm the address visually. This field is named "Email".

      3) Attach & Email button to send the form to the recipient chosen. Subject is always the same, lets just say it says "New Form". The button is named "Submit".


      What I want to do is select the name from DistMgr, have it populate Email (for display in the form) and automatically change the Submit button to allow the user attach the fom, insert the appropriate email address & the standard subject and invoke a standard email client with just the click of the Submit button.


      Any help would be appreciated and even links to locations where this very basic question has already been answered would work.


      Thank you.


      Joe Rowan