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    Need help Urgently please


      Hello Friends

      I need your help who ever love to help me if Free.

      I have a project but in it some of things not working.


      what i have:-

      A rar document..when i compress it it has following files








      Now when i open html file.It opens into browser.there it give me the login page.


      i want to edit this page cause some action application in it is expired and i want to remove that.So when we remove that the html file will work again as desired.

      Remove the first 2 arrow command boxes.



      .swf file contains the data related to the html file.SWF decompiled by sothink as .flex


      it has set of mxml files.

      src folder has all the related files

      we i open one file with note pad and tried to edit it and saved the new file as .mxml

      and then i replace it with the old one.

      now i have to again change this folder in swf so tht i could replace the old swf file.

      i am not sure if i have done right or wrong.


      i want some one please help me.

      its urgent