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    Unable to mark audio track in Premiere Pro

    eiknachui Level 1



      I'm exploring Premiere Pro CS5.5, i.e. using a trial version.


      I made a project and exported it. Then later I decided to make some small tweaks (I wanted to unlink several audio tracks from their respective video tracks and then delete those audio tracks). unfortunatelly, I am unable even to mark those audio tracks. tried to Shift/Alt/Ctrl-click, right-click them - no effect whatsoever.


      My project contains 2 video and 2 audio tracks. I can mark and edit all video tracks,but unable to mark any of those 2 audio tracks. Can't remember if I tinkered with my project after it had been exported - I just closed Premiere Pro.


      Using 64bit windows 7 home premium, if this has some significance.


      thank you