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    Working with MXML Components


      I have a list box defined in an mxml component file. Then in the mxml application file I point to the component file by specifying the directory as xmlns:com="com.flexsolutions.chapter9.controls.*" within the mx:application tag. I get an error message from flex stating "could not resolve <com:TreeMenu> to a component", what am I doing wrong here? Any help will be appreciated
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          SujitG Level 2

          Can you please check out if the component file is in correct location.
          I tried creating the component file (TreeMenu.mxml) under src\com\flexsolutions\chapter9\controls\TreeMenu.mxml and then included in component in the main application file using xmlns:controls="com.flexsolutions.chapter9.controls.*" as an attribute for the Application tag and used the component like <controls:TreeMenu/>

          Hope this helps.