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    Exporting to 720x486 results in 654x486

    H Hugo Montes Level 1

      I don't understand why this feature changed.

      In CS4 when i exported to 720x486 it resulted in that same aspect ratio. If it was with none compresion there was a little loss of quality. Yes indeed, but I could live with it.

      Now in CS 5.5 when i Export to 720x486 it results in 654x486 with no field rendering (frame blending) and a substantial loss of quality.

      The same happens in After Fx and Premiere.

      I finish all my work in HD but we still make SD copies and want to keep my SD copies filed.

      All my copies finished in FCP are 720x486 but my copies in CS5.5 are 654x486.

      Is it a way  to still get my exports at 720x486???