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    Text reformats? when slid off page or pasted into new document

    quoz Level 1

      This is the WEIRDEST thing... I have a document in InDesign created by someone else. I'm intending to use it as "seed art" for another brochure, but the text is behaving strangely as I try to move it around or copy/paste in a new default document.


      The text changes when I simply slide (or copy) the text box off the page onto the pasteboard. Yet the character and paragraph palettes, text frame options, etc. report the same settings for all copies of the text. I have a screen image of what happens when I copy and place it off-page. The original text is on the right, copy/pasted on pasteboard on the left. (The black vertical line is the left page edge.) It looks like paragraph Space Before/After changed, but according to palettes, it didn't.

      Slid off page.jpg

      IF ANY PART OF THE TEXT BOX IS TOUCHING THE PAGE EVEN BY A MILLIMETER, IT LOOKS OK. But if the text box is COMPLETELY on the pasteboard, it changes.


      If I paste ONTO A PAGE in a NEW default document, the leading increases wildly, yet if I paste onto the pasteboard of the same new document, it looks like the text on the left, above.


      Pasted into new doc.jpg

      I've tried deleting ALL paragraph styles from the original document and replacing with No Paragraph Style, Preserve Formatting (also deleting character styles), and then working with the text. It's still weird.


      It's crucial that I retain the formatting of the original document as I create new ones based on it, but since the paragraph/text palettes all report the same data, I can't ...FIX the text. Anyone ever seen this?


      InDesign CS5 on Mac OS 10.6.8. Using Suitcase Fusion 14.0.6, which reported no problems when the documents were opened, and activated what appear to be the correct fonts. Just in case, I activated manually ALL our versions of Futura, which made no difference when I reopened the document. (I've done the obvious like rebooting and clearing font caches.)


      Anybody ever seen anything like this?