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    FB 4.6 mobile design mode blank

    John R Nyquist Level 1

      This morning design mode was working fine. Now all it shows is a blank view. It does not render the contents. It does not allow to me drag any components onto the view. The properties panel thinks it is not in design mode. Adding anything to the source code is not rendered in design mode.


      Every new mobile project I create has the same problem.


      Non-mobile Flex projects still work.


      I'm on a Mac, Lion, FB 4.6.

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          John R Nyquist Level 1

          It'd be great if someone from Adobe could weigh in on this. Design mode was handy when it worked.

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            ed_f Level 1

            I have experienced this too. Not all mxml files in the project end up like this but several do. While clearly in design mode the message that I must be in design mode is shown.

            Also on a mac, snow leopard, FB 4.6

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              N8Girard Level 1

              I too am experiencing this problem.  I'm designing a Flex Mobile application and it was working fine when I started and then it started to take longer and longer for the design view to come up, and finally it stopped coming up altogether and all I get is a blank white screen that won't let me drag any objects onto it.  It's very baffling as I don't know what I did to cause it.  Any ideas?

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                N8Girard Level 1

                I finally found an error code I could post in relation to this problem.  I found it in a window called Design Mode Problems:


                /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.6/sdks/4.6.0/frameworks/themes/Mobile/mobile.swc- not respondingSWC file failed to load. Any component dependent on this SWC file will not be displayed in the Design Mode.The SWC may have failed to load because of:*  Incompatible definitions caused by usage of a different SDK version*  Missing referred class definitions


                This makes it sound like the mobile.swc is not compatible with the latest 3.1 SDK.  Any idea how to fix it?

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                  John R Nyquist Level 1

                  I do not get that error code when I open the Design Mode Problems view. I'd imagine the mobile.swc is fine if it is the one that came with FB 4.6. It is interesting that you are having similar behvior but your install is reporting and error and mine is not.


                  Adobe folks, have you seen this problem?

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                    Mallika Yelandur Adobe Employee

                    I checked with the Flash Builder engineering team on this issue, and here is what they have to say -

                    "Looks like the mobile.swc theme file is not being loaded in the Design View in the expected time required for the Design View to work.  Please try closing and opening the project."


                    Hope this helps,

                    Mallika Yelandur

                    Flash Builder Community Help & Learning

                    Adobe Systems Incorporated

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                      darkscrypt Level 1

                      I'm having the exact same issue as he described. This doesn't help at all.

                      I am using a fresh install of Flash Builder 4.6.

                      I have tried closing and re-opening the project, and cannot get the design view to work.

                      I have tried creating a completely new project, it comes up bad.



                      I think the problem has to do with the workspace. Most of my projects are flex 4.5. I started using an old flex 4.5 workspace that I have been using for several months. It worked well for a few hours of development, and then the design view started messing up.

                      I created a fresh new workspace, and imported the projects into the workspace by using file->import flash builder project->Folder, and manually selected the projects I needed.


                      This method worked for me and I am good to go.

                      Another point of note, is that my workspace was in my dropbox folder, which may have had some tampering going on in the background, I doubt it, but that could also have been the issue.


                      Good luck guys, hope this helps.


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                        Fly Level 1

                        Same problem here. I verified that creating a and switching to a new workspace does fix the problem for me as well. Hopefully it will last...