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    Recording VO in Premier using Kona 3 card

    jwffvm Level 1

      I recently have switched to Premier from FCP 7.  I'm trying for the first time to record VO through my Kona card and have not so far had success.  In Adobe help I followed the instructions for recording VO.  I select the Kona 3 card for hardware, activate a track by selecting the microphone Icon; when I have meter only selected I see audio levels in the track, but not in the master.  I deselect meter only, press the record button and the play button and the cursor begins moving.  i speak a test into the mic, then select stop and I have nothing.  No track on the timeline, nothing in my scratch disc and nothing in my files.


      the mic input seems to be working in the test when I have meters only selected, but nothing happens when I deselect it.


      I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I sure can't see what it is.  the mic input is digital, plugged into my Kona board, I have AES digital selected in the Kona control panel and I see levels when I test with the meter only setting.


      Spoke with AJA and they are also trying to figure out the issue.


      Any ideas?


      thx...Jim Watt