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    Global data in Flash Builder


      OK I admit I am a low level programmer but I need to build a set of data through several views in Flash Builder. I have gone down the singleton rabbit hole but would really appreciate a simple guide to persisting/updating data through an application.

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          That's a 'big' question. One way to do this is to use a public array variable such as:

               public var appParams:Array=new Array;

               appParams[0]=new Object;                                   //--- User details



               appParams[1]=new Array;                                    //--- Shopping cart (whatever!)

               appParams[1][0]=new Object;


               appParams[1][1]=new Object;



          And so on.


          There are some very 'clever' ways to do what your ask, but using Arrays generally reduces the amount of code required in an app.



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            JDavi2001 Level 1

            Hi mtdevuk - I feel very rude since I have not revisited this post. I got this all working through singleton arrrays. The real deal was to get some understanding of the getInstance code - the persistance was the thing. Thanks for the update.