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    Building books in InDesign


      I have a question about InDesign and the "Book" file option.   I am buidling documents that share common sections. Many of these are single page sections but I thought I would set them up as chapters.  So I would only need to apply updates to the chapter and those changes should cascade through to the 30 or so books that the chapters are in. 


      So in setting up the chapters I focused on the Master Pages.  I set up rule lines and guide lines.  I enabled "Snap to Rules" and "Snap to Guides".  I even enabled Layout adjustments at the chapter level.  In the Book file I setup the synch options to include Master Pages.


      I then add the content to the documents, the chapters.  The layout looks fine. These chapters are intended to be continously paginated, no forced start on a right page.


      This all seems to work okay when I first add the chapter to the Book.  Then I check and if the content was originally setup up as a right facing page but becomes a left facing page, due to pagination, I notice that my text boxes have are not snapping to the rules or guides.  They seem to be setting in their orginal position.


      I am open to suggestions, it seems like I am missing something simple. ( Not that it should matter but I am running ID CS5.5)



      Thanks in advanvce