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    External preview monitor question

    StormMarc Level 1



      I'm trying to switch over to Premiere Pro CS5.5 for some of my future projects (coming from Sony Vegas 10) and I'm a little confused. I have a Black Magic intensity card and I am thinking about getting a Nvidea GTX 580 for the mercury playback.  My goal is to use dual PC monitors for working space and preview to a 42"  Panasonic Plasma HDTV.


      Question: I have noticed that many of the GTX580 cards have an HDMI output. Would I want to use the HDMI output of the GTX580 to feed my Plasma or would I still use the Blackmagic card?  I got the impression from another thread that Black Magic intensity will slow my Premiere timeline down.  Also would the GTX580 HDMI output be as accurate as the BM Intesity card HDMI output? 


      Many thanks,  Marc