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    SWF loads once but not twice?


      Hi everybody I am knew in this forum and any help is needed...  I am working on a web site (95% complete) and I have a problem with a SWF file not loading completely de second time around. All my website is made of SWF's targeting other SWF's with the UiLoader component (I am new to flash and I tend to use components more than Actions Scripts...). Everything is running smoothly but one SWF is a gallery with all the images embed into it.  I have made a button targeting a frame where is a UiLoader component with the .SWF file in the source box. On that same page I have a button targeting my menu page. When I try to go back to the same gallery a second time the progress bar stops at 80% and sticks there.  If I refresh the browser then my intro page starts back and only then I can view the gallery again.


      I would really appreciate if someone could give me a hint on how to get around that problem...


      Thanks for any response