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    Significant and serious memory leaks with simple Flex app


      Hey all,


      I'm having some very serious memory leaks going on with Flex and I'm unable to track down the source. I have a number of views, however in my testing between two quite minimal views, I'm finding the memory usage literally going through the roof and not being released.


      I've attached a link to an image taken from Profiler which shows a little of what is going on. This was caused by swapping between two views - one of which connected to a database, the other view didn't.


      I would really, really appreciate some assistance with this as it is causing problems with the ongoing development of the application. I'm intending this application to be put on iOS and Android and so obviously we can't resume development until the memory leak has been resolved!


      I'm happy to provide code samples if requested.


      Thanks very much in advance,