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    Video storage transfer

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      I have footage on tape that I need to transfer to an external drive to be sent to another editing studio.  I use Adobe Premiere, they use FCP.  What I have in mind to do is start a new project and use that drive as a sratch disk.  The question is, will they be able to read the content with FCP?  Or is there another way to do that?


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          shooternz Level 6

          Give them the tape




          ...give them files they can edit.  eg .movs ( to their specification)


          Scratch disk does not come into it.


          Are you on a Mac or a PC?

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            roaming video Level 1

            I shoot Betacam SX.  They wouldn't have the deck to play the tapes.

            I'm on PC.

            Regarding the files, that's what I was wondering.  If I capture Quicktime (.mov), they should be able to read it on PC and Mac (too late to call them, I want to do the job tonight).

            How can I store the file on the drive without using scratch disk? (I don't want to create the files on another drive first, too much footage).


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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm not real clear on the problem (other than I wouldn't touch quicktime mov files with YOUR ten foot pole, but that is another issue)


              Once you use Firewire to get video from tape to pc (be it DV or HDV) you simply copy to the external drive


              I don't use Firewire (Canon Vixia with SD memory card for AVCHD) so I don't know if DV or HDV well capture as mov on a pc


              If they will, just copy from capture drive to external drive


              If not, you will have to capture in your usual format and then convert to mov


              If your external drive is too slow to use for direct capture, you will have to go to your faster internal drive and then copy

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                roaming video Level 1

                What I was saying in my previous reply is that I don't want to capture first on my usual external SCSI drive.

                My footage is not DV or HDV, it's D1 (I use SDI for capture).  It's over two hours of footage that I don't want to add to my regular drive.

                I always capture .mov and it works very well on PC.

                The storage drive is too slow for editing, but it will work for capture for storage purpose only.

                The best way I know to capture the clips is to use the drive as a scratch disk.

                But I want to make sure that there isn't a better way to do it.

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                  taz291819 Level 1

                  Technically, it should work just fine using the external drive as a scratch disk, as long as it can handle the speed of capturing it.


                  Why not test a 5 second clip and send that to them over the internet.  If they can import it into FCP, then you'll know your answer.

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                    roaming video Level 1

                    Yes, and thanks for the reply!  I actually did capture on the external drive and sent it today.  I was able to capture and replay the clips from the drive with Quicktime.  So I assume that if I could play the clips, it should be no different once they receive them and copy them.  I was worried that the replay would be too sluggish, but it actually plays normally.  Editing from that drive, of course, would not be possible.  But once they transfer the clips to a Raid drive, it should work fine.

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                      taz291819 Level 1

                      I figured it would work, since I've actually done the opposite in the past.  Before I got a Black Magic Design capture card for my new laptop running Windows, I used my old Mac with a BMD card to capture using FCP.  Then just copied the file from the scratch disk to my laptop, and imported it into PP5.5.  Worked like a champ.


                      Regarding editing, my laptop has two SATA3 drives in it (not in RAID, not SSD), and it edits uncompressed SD just fine.  The scratch drive does 112MB/s read and 95MB/s write, so obviously it isn't fast enough for uncompressed HD, but plenty for SD.  Have a SSD drive coming soon to fix that.  Cheers!

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