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    Flash Player Settings Manager does not response in AIR HTML control


      Hello All,


      We are working on a AIR application which is quite big and have around 22 modules. We have some of the functionalities which open an URL inside a browser (HTML control of AIR SDK). Most of the URL related functionalities are working fine in AIR HTML control but have a problem with one functionality. The functionality opens an URL of Flash based application in AIR HTML control which on launch shows the followuing screen



      and when I try to click on either allow or deny button they do not respond however you may close this NativeWindow Object. Actually we are putting AIR HTML control inside NativeWindow obejct and then opening it. when we tried to open this application directly from browser (IE 9.0) it was working perfectly. the settings box came and allowed me to click on allow and behave accordingly.


      Please suggest some workaround.