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    Getting XML Elements

    Parthiban Paramanathan

      I am returning some XML elements(for example Figure elements) using Xpath in Javascript, which is assingned to one object in VB.net. There is no problem when i am getting(those elements) from CS5.5 Document but while i am getting from CS3 document it shows COM Object error. My code is as follows.


              SerializedObject.IApplication = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS3")

              Dim a As Object = SerializedObject.IApplication.DoScript("C:\Documents and Settings\pg4007\Desktop\scripts\Find_Float_Element.jsx", InDesign.idScriptLanguage.idJavascript, )


      it shows,


      Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.


      Plz help me.