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    Question: Why does my exported video has flickering effects?


      Hi everyone, I am currently editing a five minute video recorded in standard mode quality 1080/60i. In Premiere Pro 5.5 I used the sequence options AVCHD 1080i30 (60i) anamorphic. I usually upload my videos to youtube. When exporting the video I tried different options: H.264 and F4V and checking out field orders "upper" and "none (progressive). It seems that with all of these options the video has some flickering and I don´t understand why. This is the first time I am using this camara so I am wonding whether I made a mistake with the format options I chose when importing or exporting the project. I am also not sure whether - when exporting the project - I should use the progressive or upper field orders. Could anybody help me out? thanks a lot. bianca