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    Is it possible to associate two separate Adobe IDs to one ebookstore account?


      I need some advice here please.

      I have ADE installed on my desktop PC and have three eReaders authorised to it. They are the Bebook Neo, Elonex Colour, and Sony PRS350 eReaders. I've had no problems managing my DRM library after an early trial and error period, and I believe I now have a fair understanding of how the system functions.


      My husband has his own laptop and has had ADE installed and authorised to his own separate ID on it for some time, although he has only just acquired his first eReader, a Sony PRS650. He has delayed authorising his eReader until we can clarify one or two points. We both run Windows 7, though I don't think this is relevant in this discussion.


      I have accounts registered with several online ebook stores, and we would like to purchase and download ebooks for him using his laptop (with it's separate Adobe ID), using my credit card and existing accounts. I have emailed the support departments of these ebook stores and received conflicting information regarding the feasibility of this. Two of these stores, major online retailers of ebooks in the UK where we live, tell me that a purchased DRM controlled ebook becomes associated with an Adobe ID at the time of download to that device, and that there is no problem with purchasing our ebooks from the one account. A third retailer tells me it is possible to do this, but is not sure on the details. The remaining two support departments tell me that in view of DRM restrictions it is not possible to purchase ebooks for two separate Adobe ID's from one account, but they don't make it clear whether they fully understand the DRM system or it is simply their policy in order to avoid problems with customers who create problems for themselves.


      I do realise that ebooks in my ebookstore account library which have been downloaded and associated to my husband's laptop, with it's separate Adobe ID, would not be available or functional to my Adobe ID on my PC or reading devices. This isn't a problem, as we have differing reading tastes, and is simply a matter of remembering which are "his" and "her" books on my accounts' bookshelves if they required re-downloading in future. I also understand it may be possible to de-authorise my husband's separate ID on his PC and re-authorise it to my Adobe ID, but that would bring the total number of devices authorised to my ID up to the maximum of six, and I would prefer not to do that.


      Leaving aside the matter of an individual ebookstore's policy on accounts, I would be grateful for some definitive advice regarding this, so that we can make the best decisions before my husband authorises his eReader.

      Many thanks.

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          Since posting the above, I have resolved a sensible work-around in regard to ebookstores which prefer us to have separate accounts for our separate Adobe IDs.


          However, I really would appreciate it if anyone here can confirm that a DRM controlled book does actually become associated with a particular Adobe ID account at the time of first download to Digital Editions on that PC/device.


          Two large book stores have said using my account with them to download books to our two separate Adobe IDs is OK, but I don't want to find my husband is unable to open his downloaded books.


          Thank you folks for any advice you can give,