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    Using Field Data for Interactive Graph?

    Geller Lighting



      I work for a lighting company and our salesmen use in-house created sales materials on iPads in the field. We've found Acrobat PDF Files to be very effective in demonstrating how switching to different wattage bulbs can save them money, through the use of data calculation fields. However, we're also hoping to illustrate this visually through some type of interactive graph. Specifically, I'm trying to find a way, if possible, to make a "return on investment" bar graph that would tailor itself to the user. Here's an example of the type of graph I'm trying to make though a PDF:


      Basically, this chart shows how much of a initial investment (in this case ~$25,000) would be mitigated over 10 years (eventually saving the company over ~$70,000). Not that the details matter much... I just don't really know where to start. I have a small amount of experience using fields, and I'm versed enough for simple calcuation and pulling data from other fields, however I have no idea how to turn this data into a graph of this complexity (or even know if it's possible).


      Any advice would be vastly appeciated!


      Many thanks,