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    Unable to publish Presenter 7.07 to My Computer: Windows XP / PowerPoint 2003 / PowerPoint 2007


      I am collaborating with two clients with the same OS, different versions of PowerPoint and same issue of not being able to publish locally to My Computer.


      In both cases, the publishing process seems to hang on "Creating swf..."; whereby we have to "end task" after 3-5 minutes.


      Computer A:

      Windows XP v2002 SP3 (32-Bit)

      PowerPoint 2003 SP3

      Adobe Presenter 7.07 Bld 7746


      Computer B:

      Windows XP v2002 SP3 (32-Bit)

      PowerPoint 2007

      Adobe Presenter 7.07 Bld 7746


      Use case:

      Create new file.

      Add a few slides with text on each.
      Publish to "My Computer" (default location) with default settings



      Initilly it appears to begin the compiling process, but then just stalls on "Creating swf...".

      We have waited several minutes for it to finish, but it appears it never will.