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    Failed to open the PDF File

    Daniel Flavin Level 4

      I have one 6 page document saved locally (and across my normal LAN). InDesing errors "Failed to open the PDF file" upon place.

      Performed a Save As to the local file. No luck

      Opened a vanilla PDF, same page size and dragged the offending pdf pages into that. Saved.

      ID will place the first vanilla page of that pdf but continues to error, Failed to open the PDF file, on those which I need.


      The best solution, contact the sendor (via the 3rd party broker) is going to take time, 6 page pdf too large for email; I'll make them Dropbox it probably. Job has 120 mins running and finishing, of course it's hot.

      No Security on the pdf, 12mb, possibly from Photoshop.




      ID patched fully, 7.5.2

      Vista Ultimate



      Failed to open pdf.JPG