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    Bug with footnotes: text doesn't reflow to the bottom of the page or skips pages -- any ideas?




      I've been battling with a frustrating problem in Indesign since several versions: in the presence of footnotes and/or anchored objects, sometimes text doesn't flow all the way to the bottom of the columns or sometimes even skips an entire page. [running the latest Indesign CS5.5 (7.5.2)]


      It's highly time-consuming, when in a 1800 page book every single page has to be reverified at the end to make sure the final print pdf doesn't have this flaw.


      In each case the fix is simple: retype a space over an existing space in the last line on the preceding page, and the text reflows correctly.

      The cause is more difficult to discern -- since it usually happens during edits or style changes on a different page, one doesn't immediately notice it happening and only comes across the error later, so one doesn't know what exact edit caused it.


      Here is one example file though, where I did see it: if one types anything into footnote 1 on page 1309 of this document (even typing a space over an existing space), the entire page 1309 goes blank and the text flows onto the next page:





      When this happens, if one type a space over an existing space on the last line of page 1308 or into the same footnote, the page 1309 fills up again as it should.


      Any insight into the cause of this would be greatly welcomed!


      Many thanks,