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    Text alignment/Layout

    brian914 Level 1
      I keep asking myself why Flash is so simple when it comes to text layout and finally today I was thinking that that really can't be, considering Flash is meant to layout text in web sites.

      In my text field, I am looking to create a half return, so if I want space between two paragraphs, I don't have to use an empty return each time. Kind of like p padding in css.

      I also want to create a tab order in my text field, for better alignment of information. I am looking to create the look of two columns, where I have a date with a paragraph associated with it, with the paragraph being more then one line of the date, but staying indented.

      Lastly, and I am assuming this is a given, I would like the text to come from a xml or html file.

      Could anyone point me to a tutorial on this or some resources? That would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot!!!