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    How to identify Tasks in a running process thread

    Mark Lindberg Level 2

      Greetings All:

      I am trying to use API calls from within a Long Lived process instance to find running User Tasks, and end them.


      I have a number of User Tasks in gateways that need to be terminated immediately when the 'Master' task reaches a complete status.

      I need to end the tasks even if the user has not opened their task, or has it saved to draft.


      I see methods for re-assigning a Task, and Canceling a Task.


      The difficulty I am having is identifying the User Tasks for the specific Process Instance.


      I see methods for searching for tasks by Process Name, but that brings back too many results from parallel processes.

      I also don't see a process id to match to in the result set.

      I can get the process id for the desired process as a variable within the executing process, so I would like to use it to filter the result set.


      Is there a way to filter / search for tasks that belong to a given process id?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.