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    CFGRID Filter

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      I have a CFGRID that uses a cfc to bind the data to the grid. So far so good. I also have an onchange function that allows you to update the grid. I've worked up a filter in a cfselect, with a bind coming from the cfc - function is getBrandsFilter.

      I'm trying to get the cfselect and the cfgrid to interact, such that when a filter is picked, the grid responds.

      Attached is the base page and the cfc:

      Any thoughts on how to make this work would be greatly appreciated!

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          update your cfgrid's bind attribute to:

          bind="cfc:brands2.getBrands({cfgridpage}, {cfgridpagesize},
          {cfgridsortcolumn}, {cfgridsortdirection}, {getBrandsFilter@change})

          update your getBrands method of brands2 cfc to accommodate the above
          change (i.e. query should have a where clause limiting the results to
          selected brand id)

          try that see how it goes - this is totally from memory, so may not be
          100% accurate...

          Azadi Saryev
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            cfwild Level 1
            Hi Azadi,

            Your response worked out perfectly. I'll post my changes, just in case anyone else reads this post.

            Thanks again!