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    java script: show hide text boxes based on dropdown selections

    Coldfusionstudent Level 1
      i wish to show/appear and dissappear text box based on a the drop down item selected.

      under Comm_DEV
      drop down selection.

      if CELL_Phone then CELL_Phone text box shows/appears
      if pager_device then CELL_Phone text box dissappears.

      if email_Address only is selected then pager_device and CELL_Phone dissappears otherwise JOB_email_Address is shown ( even if CELL_Phone or pager_device is selected JOB_email_Address still appears)

      Thank you
      thanks in Adv
      the field Comm_DEV gets populated with "E","CE","PE" when it is submit
      when selected from the drop down.
      <td>Comm_DEV </td>
      <SELECT name="Comm_DEV" size="1">
      <OPTION Value = "EM">Please Select</OPTION>
      <OPTION Value = "CE" <cfif Comm_DEV is "CE">selected</cfif>>CELL_Phone</OPTION>
      <OPTION Value = "EM" <cfif Comm_DEV is "EM">selected</cfif>>email_Address Only</OPTION>
      <OPTION Value = "PE" <cfif Comm_DEV is "PE">selected</cfif>>pager_device</OPTION>
      </select> <!--------------------------></td>
      <!------Here are the text boxes to appear or dissapear CELL_Phone and JOB_email_Address-------------------->
      <cfif NOT len(trim(device_email_Address))><cfset device_email_Address = "@cingularme.com"></cfif>
      <input type="Text" name="Device_email_Address" value="#Device_email_Address#" size="40" maxlength="40"> </td>

      <b><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">JOBemail_Address</font></b><br>
      <cfif not len(trim(JOB_email_Address))><cfset JOB_email_Address = "@balbal.org"></cfif>
      <input type="text" name="JOB_email_Address" Value="#JOB_email_Address#" size="40"><br><br>