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    Playback problems with Premiere CS5.5



      We recently upgraded from CS3 to CS5-Production Premium. We built a new computer around the upgrade:Xeon 6core X2 W3680 processors, 24 gigs of RAM, Quadro 5000 video card, Blackmagic Decklink Studio Capture card, P6T7 Workstation ASUS motherboard,and  Adaptec SCSI card controller for Media Raid array. The OS is Windows 7-64bit


      We can  capture video from DV tape vis a firewire port, We use a Sony HVR-M25U tape deck  to capture footage. Premiere sees the deck and will control it. That deck is also connected to a 16 inch JVC high resolution monitor for observation purposes.

      The problem is we do not get an "out" signal from the timeline when we play back the footage. This was never a problem in CS3. We reinstalled CS3 and there is no problem, playback is fine. We installed CS4, and likewise playback is fine through the firewire cable. The Decklink card has multiple output types; we connected component and s video outputs to the deck with the CS5 version and still no playback on the deck or monitor. Playback in the program monitor panel is fine.

      We tried chaging all the preference / project setttings that would apply with no sucess.At one point however, we did get a still image ( basically one frame ) white the timeline played. But we could reproduce that again.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this? In order to keep up with our scheldules, we have resorted back to CS3. We are open to any suggestions.