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    Red eye removal?


      What's the best/easiest way to eliminate red eye, using this app for my wife's compact, I've tried removal before importing using tool in photo but that's not working too well. Any ideas?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Sub007,


          There are probably many ways, but this is the way I use:


          1. Zoom in to where you have a good view of the first eye using pan & zoom gestures

          2. Set the tool to the Circle selection tool (dotted oval one)

          3. Draw and position a circular selection exactly over the pupil portion of the first eye

          4. Use the Adjustments drop-down menu from the top and select Saturation, set the slider to -100% to completely desaturate the pupil area

          5. If you want to darken the pupil area without taking away white reflections you can use the Adjustments drop-down menu again but select Levels, in there make adjustments with the top slider bar with the three circle sliders, experiment with moving the left most one to the right and center one towards the left

          6. When you're happy with the result hit the Apply button

          7. Place your finger in the center of the circle selection and drag it over to the second eye, repeat steps 4-6


          You could also experiment with feathering the selection very slightly before making the adjustments, but if you do, I would recommend keeping values really small, probably 6px or less.


          Like I said, there might be other ways but this works good for me...hope that helps



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            sub007 Level 1

            Thanks for that, David, my head is so blagged at the moment, it's a relief to get some help occasionally.