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    ColdFusion Builder 2 RDS Debugging error.


      I am running a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit system with ColdFusion 9.01 (Developer Edition). I just downloaded the trial version of ColdFusion Builder and cannot get the debugger to work. I have followed all the instructions concerning making sure RDS is enabled in ColdFusion (which it was for my old CFEclipse version and some Flex apps). I've done everything I can think of for configuring CF Builder, but I cannot get the debugger to work. When I go to RDS configuration in CF Builder and click "Test Connection," A popup states that "Test connection was successful." Since I'm using IIS and not the CF built-in web server, I configured the Server Information using port 80. However, when I click "Test Debugger," I get an error: "Test debugger failed. The debugger server is currently listening on port 51,367..." So, I change the port to 51367. The connection tests successfully again, but when I test the debugger, I get another error: "Test debugger failed. An RDS connection was established but the ColdFusion RDS line debugger could not be contacted. The server gave the following message: -1: Could not initialize class coldfusion.logs.CFlogs." I cannot find any reference to that error message using Google, or searching Adobe. When I click on the "bug" drop-down and then click the name of "Debug server," I get a similar, but different and longer error:


      Unable to connect to the RDS server 'ColdFusion'.


      Ensure that the server is currently running and that line debugging and RDS are enabled. You may also need to check your RDS connection settings in Eclipse to ensure that they are correct.


      Error message:


      -1:Error connecting to JVM for debugging at localhost:5005. Could not attach the VM at port 5005. You must specify this debugger port in the JVM settings of you application server, for example: -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005. You will also need to make sure that another debugger is not currently connected to the CF JVM at the same port (5005).


      Root cause ->

      Connection refused: connect


      I check in the jvm.config file and those settings are already there. So, does anyone have a clue about any of this? I've run all possible CF and JRE updates, I've not only stopped and restarted the ColdFusion service several times, but I've even rebooted my system. This should be a simple process.